GGA STUDIO_Giorgio Grandi Architetto

La SPA Artistica, RIMINI Wellness 2009


[ Well Made Factory Srl con GGAStudio _ |Design Team: Archh. Michela Spinola, Giovanni Antonelli, Giorgio Grandi – GGAStudio, Rimini, Italia, 2009 ]

Within the project Modular SPA Garden (an initiative by I LOVE MY WELLNESS, sponsored and designed by Wellness Design) and in the prestigious Rimini Wellness Fair, from 14th  to 17th  May 2009 Giorgio Grandi Architect GGAStudio signed, designed and coordinated as Creative Director for Well Made Factory Srl the architectural concept / set up “the Artistic SPA _ Beyond the dimension.”


An experimental concept acting as a “bridge” between an artistic action and an integrative mobile service (for Ho.Re.Ca.), a bold and fascinating design challenge born within a disciplinary research conducted in the art world on the occasion of a previous exhibit work for a museum. An unconventional intuition – thus – re-interpreted and adapted to the wellness world in an attempt to trace new paths of inquiry in the dense and multifaceted world of wellness: beyond the artistic dimension.


Modular SPA is therefore essentially a garden around which a wellness program develops, available in four different shades of four different professional sensitivities: the mobile SPA, the Home SPA, the saline SPA, the artistic SPA. Four environments and as many architects who will interpret the different areas, coordinated by the hand of Stefano Pediconi.

In an imaginary wellness garden that collects the best of the industry landscape, the Artistic SPA intends to behave as an alien but parallel dimension, where art becomes kaleidoscopic and encompasses an atmosphere of a dreamlike journey, told and represented, in its true mental and physical balance. The project of this experience becomes a new architectural metaphor of a continuous and modular space, an autonomous but expandable “dream room” proposal to the Hospitality sector, a complementary and innovative outdoor service concept for the Hotel sector, Wellness Center and SPA.

The concept Beyond the dimension was born from an idea of an exchange of values coming from the duality between mind and body, art and dream, with the aim to draw around the psychophysical pleasure an imaginative and magical frame to emotionally travel and by physically relaxing through art. Since the first heuristic signs, the inquiry for a soft spatial gesture, continuous, embracing but dynamic around the body of the traveler was the center of a formal concept gradually defining itself around an itinerary and immersive hub, thought of as a reconfigurable and modular micro-architecture.

The modularity of the SPA forges an architectural “dry” lightweight skeleton, consisting of a series of constructive and structural sections fixed on crossed over supports of variable orientation, to form a lightweight and compact pavilion, mysterious and externally reconfigurable, a panoramic and spectacular bridge for tourist and well-being destinations, capable of becoming internally inviting and sensual in the formal and material choices, deliberately in contrast to its outer skin and almost dematerialized in its physicality.

A theatrical story that evolves from two-dimensional to a three-dimensional environment, at the same time immersive and multisensory. The art itself gets projected (as pictures), spread (like sounds) or performed (as interactive synesthetic installations) with the task of creating visions, moments and mental contexts aimed at implementing a continuous dialogue between art and space, light and sound, to support personal well-being.


The pre-exhibition phase became a real setting and refinement moment for the constructive solutions envisaged in the design phase, materializing the executive choice of arranging the pavilion in three almost identical submodules (only the central module had a typological variation due to sensory shower unit by KI Life) linearly placed in the exhibit space.

The light, as soft and impalpable architectural element for wellness and relaxation, filters through the Lycra topping ceiling, casting projections and dynamic lighting drawings on the surroundings, transforming the entire hall in an incredible light sundial. The light becomes an important actor of the emotional theater play of the space, and the project multiplies its perceptual extensions of the environment by optimizing and securing the greater or lesser transparency of its coverage screen.

The mounting phase of the stand / pavilion in Rimini took place, as planned, in a precise but laborious celebratory ritual of an unexpected and unusual manner of artistic “staging”:  from the first decomposed and partial forms in “free” MDF sections, in two-days the setting up phase gave birth to an elegant three dimensional origami with planar sections braced and articulated to enclose light, sound and story. Onto them, the continuity of the canvas that internally forms the skin of the hub provides background and depth of field for a multimedia and dreamlike journey, if not fairy.

As soon as the atmosphere enhances and turns on its own evocative role the pavilion appears to hover in the air, light and impalpable, friendly and reassuring in its constant recalls of the journey, to the memory and the interpretation of the creative and free perceptive dimension. In a theatrical play of body treatments and mental suggestions, the Artistic Spa welcomes its visitor / user in a wrap-up circuit of audio-video immersive moments where it is possible to explore new states of emotional and expressive  well-being.

“Beyond the dimension” aspires to be an unusual experience of living the relationship between well-being and “interpreted” nature: water, nature and the sky play in a continuous loop filtered between art and reality, poetry and energy. A creative stimulus and an unexpected playful moment for enthusiasts, newcomers, curious and SPA goers but also an important innovative differentiation of a mobile concept of hospitality for managers, consultants, designers and entrepreneurs.