GGA STUDIO_Giorgio Grandi Architetto

TiSANA SPA, Arlate_2009


[Well Made Factory Srl con GGAStudio _ |Design Team: Archh. Michela Spinola, Giovanni Antonelli, Giorgio Grandi – GGAStudio, via Fontana 5, Arlate, Italia, 2009]

1711 is the year in which the illustrious and noble family of Strigelli built a small village of extraordinary charm and harmonious beauty in the heart of what is now the Adda Park, at Arlate. Today, as then, it is the passion of the D’Angelo family, to make this jewel a beautiful dwelling and an exclusive destination.

After three years of careful renovations, this Retreat offers its guests the suggestive charm of a luxury four stars hotel (23 rooms and 4 suites), goodies and the class of a restaurant (The Table of the Conte, design: Well Made Factory Srl with GGAStudio) which is the synthesis between creativity and tradition, the refinement of a SPA that combines, in the quietness of the ancient walls, the timeless values ​​of harmony and well-being.

The creative approach of the team Well Made Factory Srl | GGAStudio for Ti Sana Detox Retreat aims at preserving from the first sketches until the last proposed scenarios its strong choices of show casting an articulated weave of old charm and iconic contemporary taste, such as stately evocations of archetypal character and contemporary minimal traces, with the purpose of  offering to all its guests a warm welcome and an immediate feeling of wellbeing. Thus the environments of strong rural Lombard flavor are continuously mixed, hybridized and reassembled through architectural strong gestures, determined as well as elegant, in order to exhibit a compelling dynamic activity show of feelings and unforgettable moments.

On the eve of the completion of his three centuries, the village still resonates today, in backyards and at the old well, in the lodges, in the basement as the pavements, to the sounds and voices of those who have written its story. In all the atmospheres “interpreted” by the project, in every vision re-imagined by  the Team Well Made Factory Srl | GGAStudio, you have the feeling of reading in every niche, every wall, every stone, the sober style and typical noble character of that Lombard tradition that even the writer Alessandro Manzoni was able to evoke. Indeed, he has dedicated some of the most illustrious pages of “Promessi Sposi” right at the river Adda.

It is in this perspective that the project “1711 Retreat & SPA” reinterprets with accents of precious distinctiveness a page of history that continues to be written today, day after day, for its guests. The character of the place and the environment is so architecturally remodeled with a natural but sophisticated elegance that escapes any ostentation, where personal attention is the result of a culture of sincere and solid hospitality.

In an architectural path that uses the ancient underground rooms of the village, Ti Sana SPA generates its concept of a service that proposes a complete and extended process (of about 2 hours) of psychophysical regeneration, through which the process of well-being turns into pure ecstasy and dream. The narrative sequence and medical treatments offered or the wellness islands studied and deployed in the underground spaces drive the guests smoothly in dreamlike and different designed environments to caress their imagination and stimulate therapeutically their body. In a continuous scenography change, guests are offered with treatments like Mediterranean Sauna, Showers, Hammam, Ice Drops, Grotta Salina, Shower Paradise, waterfall curtain of water, herbal tea, Egg, Relaxation Room and Infrared Sauna.

TI Sana SPA is an oasis of peace, where the concept of well-being is transformed into pure ecstasy. A circuit of saline baths and showers which is developed in an area of ​​500 square meters. Hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and a range of personalized treatments for face and body, with the use of natural products. In the story, the purification of one’s body was an important step in the cleaning and care of themselves and Ti Sana proposes the ancient rituals in a modern way into an elegant and charming environment, where every detail is crucial to create a magical, immersive and changeable atmosphere.

International Awards

The project TI SANA Detox Retreat Well Made Factory Srl (under the Creative Direction of Giorgio Grandi Architect _ GGAStudio) was awarded in 2011 with the ‘important title of “Best Country SPA in the World”, while in 2012 and in 2014 was recognized “Best Luxury Medical SPA in the World” by the International Association World Luxury Hotel Awards.


In 2012 the Center TI SANA was reported and recommended by Condé Nast Johanssen as a destination of excellence of luxury tourism, and reviewed in its publication “Best Luxury Spas 2012”. In the same year 2014, the project has also received the Certificate of Excellence in 2014 by the Stars of Health, Wellness and Tourism, followed by further international recognition of the Luxury Lifestyle Award 2014.