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WELLNESS 7.0, RIMINI Wellness 2014

[Project invitation, RIMINI Wellness, Italy, 2014]

2014 looks like the year of new challenges and strategies for the world of Wellbeing (Fitness & Wellness at 360 degrees). Thus with this perspective the proper moment arises for an official presentation to the specific field of ​​Wellness of a new project dedicated to all disciplinary and professional Sustainable Wellbeing areas and to environmentally and ethically careful design: Rimini Wellness 2014 to be lived as the exclusive stage of this birth.

For the first time in a trade show a network of professionals, coordinated by the entrepreneur Luca Ceccarini (BIELLE Group) and sponsored by Technogym group who recalled his skills in 2013 to design scenarios and “forward-looking” industry dynamics,  kicks off an unanimous and informal consulting point for networking, designed as a shared and cross-cutting studio aimed at consolidating a supportive yet operative philosophy of national basis.

In Hall 1, Stand 34 becomes in fact a welcoming studio, dynamic and pro-active, organized around a single big diagonal table of work, open and inclusive as the spirit of the initiative which it materializes: an opened and flexible consulting laboratory, from idea to project, from space to business. In the background, 7 professional identities represented and told to testify unanimous effort to promote and disseminate the project’s quality and meaning.

WELLNESS 7.0 is composed (starting with the consulting firm PhysioWellness) by 6 Italian architects heterogeneous between them, operationally aligned with a shared philosophy of action but professionally and expressively original, different and – despite that – incredibly assonant: GGAStudio (Giorgio Grandi Architect), Luigi Bulgarelli, Studio A70, Anna Palucci, Silvia Giannini, Studio RAL3020.

The sum of their stylistic peculiarities and the interaction of their competencies gave birth to a hub of professionals and management consultants specializing in health and fitness (and not only), that can support – with economic, behavioral, functional tests and market analysis – any functional and strategic project that tends to the sustainable consistency of targeted economic and entrepreneurial dynamics, measured and drawn on the potential development identified in the area.

WELLNESS 7.0 Hub supports investors, entrepreneurs and management for the identification of new business opportunities, with innovative designs and management of operational implementation, overcoming the traditional concept of consulting, for a relationship of real partnership with the activities taken under observation and study .

“The energy takes shape, and ideas become space”: WELLNESS 7.0 awaits you at Rimini Wellness, from May 30 to June 2, Pav.1 STAND 34 … do not miss it!