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 " ... the dream within "


Architect and interior designer, he was born on 6th of May 1971 in Milan, Italy. He graduated cum laude from the Polytechnic of Milan, Faculty of Architecture, where starting from 1996 he collaborates for various didactic and research activities for the Department of Industrial Design and Architectural Technology – BEST, along with the group of (Guido Nardi, 2002), Anna Mangiarotti, Andrea Campioli and Marisa Bertoldini.  In 2000, he receives his cum laude Master’s Degree in Design and Bionics Research at the CRIED _ Research Centre of the European Institute of Design in Milan, with a transdisciplinary research project regarding new digitized technologies for bionic control of architectural structures (full publication on Experimenta, 2000, n. 31, pg. 59-65). The thesis brings him an invitation to the educational conference “Genetic Architecture” held in Barcelona in 2001 within the Cybernetic Project Master Course of the International University of Catalonia – Faculty of Architecture.


Since 2010 he is part of the E3_Cube team (, involved in the multidisciplinary design approach  for the a project involving smart uses of energy for an evolved use of soil. From 2007 to 2009 he leads the creative direction of the company Well Made Factory Srl, addressing numerous projects related to Contract, Hospitality, Food, Exhibition and especially Wellness Design (Best Country Luxury SPA 2011). He is also designing various events through projects and concepts aimed at experimental and applied research (the most recent “Flameless Frame”, 2009_ Furniture Fair / Cersaie Milan / Bologna).


From 2000 as teacher at the European Institute of Design in Milan for the course of Interior Design, he coordinates the Nikken / KSK Interior Design courses and is the Mentor of the Thesis Projects for Interior Design graduating students. For the same Institute he is also the project leader of several international research projects as part of the IST Program – CEE including HUMANTECH (2002-2003) and IDIA (2002-2003) . From 2004 he is the Coordinator of the Master RSP IED in Interior Design _ Professional Level, for which he is also a teacher.


From 1997 he is the owner of the architectural design studio GGA Studio, based in Milan, with which he participates in several national and international competitions, dealing with Interior Design, Vision Concept and applied researches for project-products (Hitachi, Ballarini, Taplast , Whirlpool, IKEA, BOSA). Collaborating with Nadja Gerlach between 2003 and 2006, GGA studio deals today with architectural design, interior design as well as exhibit design: the international prize Contractworld 2001 (Special Jury Prize for the best integration between coatings and lighting – www.contractworld .com) was assigned for the study of the MAGMA concept for S.P.A. Salus per Aquam innovative environments, and is among his most important awards in the Contract professional sector.


In 2011 and 2012 his project TISANA SPA_1711 (in collaboration with Well Made Factory Srl, Milan) was awarded by CONDE ‘Nast Johansens and World Luxury Hotel Awards as Best COUNTRY SPA and Best Medical SPA in the World. In 2014 TISANA SPA 1711 is also prized with the World Luxury Lifestyle Award.