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WHY_ Mission & Philosophy

 " ... why is it so challenging "


WHY _There are a thousand ways to satisfy your needs, to shape your dreams or simply listen to your desires, especially when you still can not visualize them. We like to think that the difference in the final outcome of this important task of a professional studio resides in the process, and not only in the tools used to create an identity, a place, an event, a mind dimension… or even an approach. Maybe we do not care so much to tell you why to choose us: we want you to understand why you should take us into consideration.


One of the distinctive elements of GGAStudio lies in the quality of the question why (the research), in the elasticity of the when (our management) and the flexibility of our how (the strategy). The fluid and divergent thinking, dynamically adhering to your own ways and project priorities, is for us a passionate mission more than an exercise in style. We believe and we align to those who promote today a design starting with lowercase letter “d”, as a horizontal and vertical cultural dimension, both divergent and convergent for the accomplice of the parties involved, a strong mental synergy (between client and professional) of a shared professional relationship where knowing and understanding  each other ideas becomes an irreplaceable place for dialogue and exchange. Without this, the project is not challenging and the result is not evolving. Not for us.


Il nostro impegno etico come giovane studio professionale non è quindi quello di imporre una voce in capitolo, quanto più quello di chiedervi un racconto: ascoltarvi prima di parlarvi, cercarvi prima di guidarvi, sentirvi prima di chiedervi. Ci piace “giocare al progetto” con voi, anche se lo facciamo in modo molto serio …  Amiamo farvi sentire pro-gettati nella vostra creatività, molto più che semplicemente supportati in essa.
Il nostro sogno deontologico, di contro, è quello di farvi comprendere quanto importante e avvincente sia oggi l’avventura del progetto, soprattutto per chi come voi, attraverso le competenze e le potenzialità creative che amiamo esercitare per voi, ha la capacità di generare contesti di attività, così come ambiti di servizio e perimetri antropici di relazione. Il nostro sforzo, in tal senso, è quello di orientare il vostro progetto verso territori di coerenza, strategia e attualità tali da trasformare in evidenza il contenuto distintivo della sua originalità, di qualunque natura esso sia.


Our ethical commitment as a young professional studio is therefore not to impose a statement for the situation, but ask you for a story: listening to you before talking, seeking before guiding you, hearing you before asking. We like to “play the project” with you, even if we do it very seriously … We love to make you feel pro-jected into your creativity, much more than simply supported in it.


Our ethical purpose, by contrast, is to make you understand how important and compelling is today the adventure of building a project, especially for people like you, which through the skills and creative potential that we love to exercise for you, has the ability to generate contextual activities, as well as service areas and perimeters of anthropogenic relationships. Our effort in this sense, is to guide your project into consistent territories, strategies and current events thus turning into reality the distinctive content of your originality, of whatever nature.